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Dont Lock Your Knees During Planks

Athletes being taught the proper technique in the weight room during activities are cued not to lock their knees in full extension (straight) during exercises such as Romanian Dead lift or Biceps Curl.However when doing a plank, they are taught to keep themselves as straight as possible including at the knees.This makes the exercise easier and therefore less effective.  

Level 1 Quadruped Exercise for All Players.

Imagine having a table with 3 legs.This table would not be too sturdy. Now, lets turn you into the table with 3 legs.This way your core has to work to stabilize your body.Having a strong base for your arms and legs to move is crucial for the production and transfer of power, and for injury prevention.

Improve Your Trunk Stability with this Simple Bridge Exercise

Trunk stability is talked about all the time and is an important part of any training program. The exercise in this article will improve core strength in the transverse or rotational plane.

Working Your Core Outside of Practice or the Gym?

A strong core can help prevent injury by providing a good foundation for the rest of your body. One of the most important muscles to activate for the core is the transverse abdominis muscle. Here is a tip that will allow you to keep the transverse abdominis in a neutral spine position (not too slouched and not too arched), even when you are not working out.

Goalkeeper Core Exercise

Goalkeepers often get ignored in practice and need some extra work at some point during that time. There are many simple drills that can be performed with a teammate or assistant coach that can help a keeper prepare.

Core Exercise For Goalkeepers

This is a great one for goalkeepers. It's simple but very effective in developing some basic core strength. The goal for you here is to be able to use your upper body while keeping your trunk stable. All you need is a strong band for resistance.

Variety For Core Strengthening

This is a great functional exercise for the advanced athlete that wants to add a little variety to core strengthening. Many athletes can get complacent and often times neglect to progress their planks. The soccer athlete will benefit here because it involves core strengthening while working on your knee drive and acceleration.

Bump up your planks with these advanced band moves

Are you ready to advance your plank moves and add some instability with a resistance band? Plank moves are great for core stability because they require your body to maintain a neutral spine while being unsupported by a bench or the ground. Spinal health, shoulder and hip stability and core control should be part of your weekly program. Planks by themselves are difficult but if you are ready for the added challenge, try these movements with a resistance band.