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Living the Game

This section provides interviews, videos, and articles on professional soccer players and others in the soccer industry.


Tips for traveling long distances for your next game

When traveling across the county in new time zones, or continents, it is important to be well prepared for your trip. Arriving in a new place or country jet lagged, dehydrated, and hungry  can have a negative impact on your soccer performance. That is why it is crucial to take the proper steps necessary so you can jump off the airplane and perform at your best. Here are some tips for your next away game or tourney. 

Pro Soccer GM Talks About Finding The Right Player

Jon Spencer, General Manager of the Los Angeles Blues briefly discusses his role with the professional soccer club and what he looks for in finding the right players. 

Interview With Professional Soccer Player Tiffany Weimer

Tiffany Weimer is a professional soccer player for the 2013 NWSL Champions Portland Thorns.She is also the editor in chief  for Our Game Magazine, a print and online publication dedicated to promoting women's soccer through various topics including training, nutrtition, and health. In this interview, Tiffany briefly discussed her experience as a professional athlete.

Gym Rat- Manya's Gym Etiquette

A male-infested gym, especially the free-weight area, can be intimidating and quite a turn off for some female athletes. As a self-professed gym rat, this is not the case for me. It is fun to laugh at the brewing bromances crowding the bench press.

Manya Makoski- Fitness and Strength, Health and Nutrition, Recovery and Maintenance

How I train is one of the things I can control. I have said it before, and I will say it again: if I am not fit, it is my fault. Although I may think that what I am doing is right, I know I am not perfect in my training routine and diet. I am always testing different ways of doing things, on and off of the field. Hopefully, this blog will give some insight on performance to both myself and my readers.

Lessons Learned From Being The Man In the Middle

I recently refereed a freshman soccer game between two local schools. It ended with a 1-1 tie, a fair result given the match. What transpired after initially left me speechless. A mother that was sitting on the other side of the field took it upon herself to approach me after the game and ask me why I was so biased for the other team. Little did she know that I grew up 3000 miles away and never heard of the opposing school until that day. She wanted to know why I let the other team push and shove her son’s team. 

Mental Preparation with US National Beach Soccer Goalkeeper Mike McAndrews

Mike McAndrews, a goalkeeper with the US National Beach Soccer team and the Anaheim Bolts of the Professional Arena Soccer League shares his views on preparing for a match.

Trust the process

Whether your performance training goal is to run faster, develop more power, or improve agility, the key to your long term success is that you trust the process. The experience at times can be frustrating. And as sure as day follows night, the one certainty of an effective training program or workout is that you will eventually experience difficult mental and physical challenges that will tempt you to abandon your workout program

A lack of concentration is one of the many reasons athletes fail to reach their goals

It could be an important game that you're playing, some milestone you are about to reach, or it could be a team you are trying out for. Whatever event it is, it's something that will take you to that next level. But as these important moments reach their peak, distractions and obstacles suddenly loom that can easily steer an athlete off path. But it's at this moment, in my opinion, that truly defines the athlete.

What To Put In Your First Aid Kit

As an athletic trainer I carry a whole stockpile of supplies ready for blood, fractures, sprains, strains and other emergencies.  As a coach or parent, you probably don’t need a big medical kit equipped with all the latest gear but you do need some standard first aid supplies. If you are at a game or practice and there isn’t an athletic trainer, EMT, paramedic or even a first aid responder available, being prepared for small injuries is crucial to staying in the game and caring for your player. I’ve included some pictures of key items you should stock in your first aid kit.