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College Recruiting

Get a head start on the recruiting process. Get tips on how to prepare the young soccer player to obtain a college scholarship.


Achieving Success in College Recruiting – a “How To” Series of Articles-Recruiting “How To” Guide Sheet #5 ATHLETIC PROFILE and COVER LETTER

In our “How To” Guide Sheet #4, we discussed, in depth, how to identify all of the colleges that sponsor soccer programs as well as how to find the names, addresses, telephone numbers, emails and other pertinent information about these coaches at the institutions which you feel are a realistic match for you. Now, the question that arises is: WHAT exactly DO I SEND to all of these college coaches to convince them to start to actively recruit me? This “How To” Guide Sheet will explain exactly what you need to send to these recruiters, as well as . . .

Achieving Success in College Recruiting – a “How To” Series of Articles- Recruiting “How To” Guide Sheet #4 – SELECTION OF COLLEGES

In our “How To” Guide Sheet #3, we discussed the process of identifying your priorities for college. This involved a determination of the relative importance, to YOU, of soccer versus academics, financial aid, enrollment size, urban/rural setting, and geographical location within the United States, as well as other factors that may be important to you. Now, after putting these attributes into a priority order of importance, you are ready to start to identify a group of colleges that have one or more of the attributes that you have designated as important or necessary for you to have a successful college experience. First and foremost, you need to . . .

Achieving Success in College Recruiting-“How To” Guide Sheet #3 TAKING THE INITIATIVE

In our “How To” Guide Sheet #2, we emphasized the importance of “taking the initiative” to get your college recruiting experience underway. We are now going to explain to you, step by step, the process that we initiate in order to provide a high school athlete with the opportunity to become successfully recruited. We know that our program, if followed closely, has resulted in a very high recruiting success rate . . .

Achieving Success in College Recruiting- a "How To" Guide- Sheet #2 STARTING THE PROCESS

WHEN should I begin my College Recruiting activities?  For the very most talented and highly-competitive players, i.e. serious upper NCAA Division I prospects, you should initiate the process by the spring of your Sophomore year, or the summer after your Sophomore year, at the latest.  All other college-bound players should start their recruiting activities not later than the fall or winter of their Junior year.  If you are currently past those dates in YOUR high school career . . .

Achieving Success in College Recruiting- a "How To" Series of Articles

The statement that we frequently hear from many high school athletes is:  “Yes, I want to play soccer in college, I would like to earn an athletic scholarship and I’ve been told that my soccer skills may even help me get admitted to a highly rated academic school.  My problem is that I don’t know HOW to start the college recruiting process.  Help!”

Does this sound like YOU?  If so, help is here!