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Youth Soccer

This section provides great tips, drills, and exercises to help the young soccer player succeed on the field.


Understanding Osgood Schlatter's Disease

Osgood Schlatter's Disease is one of the most common knee injuries among youth soccer athletes. Although it is rarely surgical, it is often a nagging and at times debilitating pathology with a capacity to sideline a soccer player for quite some time.

Quick fixes while you're on the road

If your team is travelling on the road, chances are you and your teammates may have some bumps and bruises that may need to be taken care of. And you probably won't be able to access the best medical equipment right away. So here are a couple of quick fixes you can use that will help you treat your injuries while you're on the road.

What An Athletic Trainer Does In Soccer

Have you received a phone call from somebody stating to be the athletic trainer working with your son or daughter?  Ever wonder what an athletic trainer does?  Perhaps you only know them as the person who tapes up your child before practice and gives them an ice bag afterward.  Or maybe one has worked closely with your child after an injury to return them to play.

Keep Youth Soccer Safe by Filling Out the Necessary Paperwork

Any well planned sports program has a stack of paperwork for you to fill out. The most important information you fully complete should be the medical history and consent packet. School and athletic programs require pre-participation physicals for good reason. These help rule out any pre-existing injuries or conditions that may be problematic once the players begins sports.

Preparing for an emergency with a map of locations is crucial to saving time and peace of mind

Have you come across the situation where an athlete is injured or you are at an away game and your son or daughter is injured and the first question is… “where is the nearest hospital?”  Sometimes this question comes frantically due to the seriousness of the injury. The importance of being prepared for these situations allows follow-up care to happen smoothly.

Don't get ejected! Keep it professional.

Some rules will undoubtedly be violated during games and practices. And that is just part of the game. But don't make the mistake of getting ejected by displaying poor behavior on the field.

What Youth Soccer is all About

I have worked with young players all the way to some of the best to play the game in both soccer and ice hockey and have seen the pressure placed on kids at a young age to win. Athletes progress in different patterns with some excelling early on and some who are late bloomers. I feel that athletes should work hard to obtain their goals and reach for the stars, but need to keep the big picture in sight.