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What Youth Soccer is all About

I have worked with young players all the way to some of the best to play the game in both soccer and ice hockey and have seen the pressure placed on kids at a young age to win. Athletes progress in different patterns with some excelling early on and some who are late bloomers. I feel that athletes should work hard to obtain their goals and reach for the stars, but need to keep the big picture in sight. Players should continue to have fun playing the sport they love while improving their skills. Skill improvement will come from good coaching, hard work and good competition. Love for the game will be seen by kids wanting to go to practice and games and looking forward to playing the game that they excel at. I have worked with more than my fare share of athletes who hate the game, and sometimes their parents, for the time they have put in to play a sport. As parents and coaches, we need to balance the sport and life to allow our kids to play a sport at a high level while still enjoying the competition. 

Keep the big picture in mind with kids in sports and look for progression in skills while maintaining a positive attitude towards the game that they play. Our kids may never be professional athletes, but they will become adults and youth sports can teach them to be healthy adults.

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