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What exactly is a sports hernia?

What exactly is a sports hernia?

Many high profile soccer players such as Frank Lampard, Omar Bravo, and the MLS #1 Draft pick Darlington Nagbe have undergone sports hernia surgery in recent years. This has since sparked some concern in both the soccer and sports medicine communities, especially due to the physical restrictions it can place on an athlete.

 A sports hernia is a condition involving the inguinal canal or what we normally refer to as the "groin". It's the area where various thigh muscles such as the adductors attach, as well ast the abdominals. A sports hernia occurs when the repetitive stresses of soccer cause the inguinal canal and/or wall to break down and become weak. Since there are a bunch of nerves and blood vessels that run through the canal, this weakness can cause these structures to become compressed and painful. Players will usually try to play through it as long as possible. However, as this condition worsens, this pain can become debilitating enough to the point where the athlete discontinues activity, opting to either rest for 2 months or go through rehab, or at times, surgery.
The primary cause of a sports hernia is overtraining and the body’s inability to handle the stresses placed upon it. There is usually a biomechanical issue involved. This means there can be some kind of defect or muscular imbalance that is affecting the body's movements and the way the muscles are working to support the body. The training concepts found at are designed to correct these issues and help prevent sports hernias.



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