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Use This Drill To Improve Speed and Reaction Time For Soccer

Soccer players need to accelerate, make a touch on the ball, and quickly move to another location. Utilize this Bungee Cord Drill to be a quicker athlete with a solid touch.

How to perform this drill:
The drill will require a bungee cord, a soccer ball and three people.
  • Begin with the athlete attached to the bungee cord.
  • He or she will backpedal five to six steps depending on the stretched length of the cord, then sprint forward, receive a pass from another player and return the pass.
  • Repeat for 10-15 passes.

To vary the drill, you can change the force of the cord to be from behind. The athlete holding the cord will now be standing behind the athlete training. As the training athlete sprints forward to make a pass, they will be pulled backwards, away from the ball. Again, perform the drill for 10-15 passes for 3-5 sets. This drill is great for developing your acceleration and improving your reaction time on the soccer field.


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