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Use a Dynamic Warm Up to Prepare for Practice and Games

Proper preparation is the key to performance. Warming up and stretching prior to activity is an essential component of every workout, practice, and game. While a general warm up and stretching routine is beneficial, the Dynamic warm up is vital because it encompasses the key elements needed to prepare for physical activity. Studies have shown that participating in a Dynamic Warm Up will increase core temperature, activate muscles, increase flexibility, stimulate the nervous system and allow the participant to mentally focus for the impending competition.

Dynamic warm ups are an efficient way to enhance performance and reduce injuries. A Dynamic Warm Up program takes approximately ten minutes to perform and requires little space or equipment. This quality program is designed specifically to meet the needs of the competitive athlete. By regularly performing this Dynamic warm up to activate muscles for more intense physical activity, you will be able to utilize your time in an efficient and practical manner while gearing up for a workout, practice, or competition. Perform each exercise moving either forward or laterally for 10 yards. Look at the images and video below to see how a proper dynamic warm up is performed.


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