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Use This Dynamic Exercise To Prevent Soccer Injuries

Wave reaches are a must in every soccer players injury prevention program. As ankle and knee injuries are common in soccer, this exercise can address and help prevent both. It does so by improving kinesthetic awareness, glute strength, and overall lower body strength. This is a variation of a single leg squat and reach, and I really like it because it requires the same squatting movement, but with your body in a different position after each rep. It involves performing the single leg squat and reaching for the cone with the opposite hand, then repeating the same motion, but reaching for the cone with the opposite heel while both of your arms are extended over your head. All you need is a cone or object as a point of reference. When performing the wave reach, make sure to keep your core engaged throughout the entire set. Also, when you squat down to reach for the cone with your hand, most of you weight should be on your heel. And when you reach for the cone with the opposite foot, you will notice that weight shift more towards the ball of your foot. As you perform these exercises, you should feel your glutes, hamstring, and quads activating throughout the course of the exercise.

See the video below to see how this exercise is performed.

Perform about 3 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions on each leg as a part of your injury prevention program. The key word here is PART! No one exercise can achieve the maximum benefits of injury prevention alone. You must have a thorough and effective injury prevention program comprised of different exercises, stretches, and treatments as a part of your overall workout if you want to stay healthy on the field. And more importantly, you must diligent and consistent. If you feel you don't have enough injury prevention methods, refer to the Injury Prevention section of for some other helpful tips on staying healthy on the field.

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