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Upper body foam roller techniques for goalkeepers

Utilizing the foam roller for the upper body can be very useful for Goalkeepers because of its many therapeutic effects. It can release trigger points and relieve many sore spots in the upper body that can accumulate after heavy bouts of training and can significantly affect an athlete's performance. And since goalkeepers require a great deal of upper body strength, flexibility, and stability, the use of a foam roller can play a vital role in maintaining the goalkeepers health on the field. Here are a few techniques goalkeepers can use when incorporating a foam roller into a recovery program.

Opening the Chest: These require shoulder movement while the foam roller requires the chest to expand. Concentrate on smooth movements and take note of any sticking points. Do not force yourself past a sticking point, instead gradually work into the motion. As your arm is extended to stretch the chest take a big inhale to expand the diaphragm, ribs and chest.

Starting Position for all exercises: Lie on foam roller from head to sacrum. 

  •  Support head with the foam roller
  •  With palms facing up, tilt your pelvis to find your level of comfort on the foam roller.
  • Keep your feet wide for stability and start with your hands at your hips.
  • If the foam roller is too painful you can use a rolled up bath towel or perform on the ground. 

One Arm Snow Angels- perform 3 times each side 

  • Keep your palms facing the ceiling and back of hands remain on floor. 
  • With right arm straight and in sweeping arc movement, drag fingers to overhead position
  • Reach up with right hand and down toward heel with left hand to create a right side elongation and left side scrunch
  • Big breath in and return hand during exhale
  • Repeat 3- 5 times each side.

Back Stroke- 3 times each side

  • Palms facing ground at start and with straight arm
  • Backstroke right hand to overhead position with fingers sweeping the ceiling and the palm ends facing ceiling
  • Slightly push your hands into ground
  • Big breath in and return hand during exhale

Chest Fly:-2 times and hold each side for 10-15 seconds

  • Open up arms to below shoulder height with palms facing ceiling.  You may adjust arm height higher or lower
  • Slightly rotate body and foam roller to the left to stretch right chest and shoulder
  • Repeat each side and take 3 breaths each side 

Arm Circles- Perform 3 times each rotation with cleansing breaths 

  • With hands in prayer position drive hands though top of head, inhale, rotate palms outward and sweep hands toward hips
  • At hips bring hands together, exhale and return to prayer
  • Repeat 3 times sweeping cleansing breaths up from abdomen and into body
  • Reverse direction and start in prayer position, move hands toward pelvis and inhale as hands open and face the head
  • Sweep arms above the head, hands together and exhale back to prayer position
  • Repeat 3 times sweeping cleansing breaths above head and into body
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades during these motions to open the chest

Performing these exercises on the foam roller on a consistent basis after training can have tremendous results and help keep goalkeepers healthy and onPlease note that there is substitute for seeking medical attention. For any upper body injuries or concerns, you should always consult a physician prior to doing any kind of physical activity. 

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