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Train Your Shoulder Eccentrically To Prevent Injury

The posterior shoulder is responsible for slowing down the arm once you have released a ball overhead.  These muscles include the rotator cuff Infraspinatus and Teres Minor, the Posterior Deltoid, and the Rhomboid and Latissimus Dorsi scapular stabilizers.  These muscles should be trained eccentrically to help prevent shoulder injuries.  The eccentric movement is the slowing/lengthening of the arm once you throw overhead.  Think of these muscles as acting as a good set of brakes on your car.  The video demonstrates a simple exercise to strengthen the posterior shoulder.

Sitting on a stability ball ensures good poster for back and scapular activation.  You can start with a light ball and eventually work your way to several pounds.  Start with light tosses and when able toss the ball with greater speed for your partner.


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