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Tight Cone Dribbling series

This drill is excellent for building a good soccer foundation and for building one’s touch in a tight space. This is also an excellent drive for recovery from an injury as it involves making a lot of small cuts. This will build the healed tissues tolerance to the stresses of soccer.  The spacing of the cones can be varied based on skill level. Typically this drive is done in a 5 x 5 yard spaces. The less room between cones or the greater number on the grid will increase the challenge. If you do not have cones, old tennis balls will also work. The various touches to be used are listed below as well as a variation include a fitness component. Here are the variations:

Touch Variations

All inside – Right and Left foot


Inside/outside Right foot


All outside – Right and Left Foot

Inside/outside Left foot


All Right Foot

Free- no restrictions


All Left Foot



Variation to add a fitness component

30 Seconds Drill  - 15 second Sprint 50 yards  - 45 walk recovery  for 10 cycles

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