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Split Squat Variation To Prevent Soccer Injuries

Split Squats are a great exercise to strengthen your legs. But if you're a soccer player, you will need an additional challenge that protects your knees from injury as well as strengthens your legs. Adding band resistance to your split squats is a great way to to do so. It strengthens your glutes and challenges you to stabilize yourself while the band tries to pull on your knee from side to side . In soccer, many young athletes lack the strength necessary to stabilize their knee when they switch direction and cut side-side on the field. This creates potential for ACL tears and other knee injuries. Adding this exercise to your soccer fitness routine will help you become a more durable athlete. 

Keys when performing this exercise.

1. Keep you core engaged the entire time during this exercise.

2. When you apply the resistance band, apply it such that it is pulling your knee towards your body. 

3. Concentrate on keeping your knee as stable as possible. Don't let your knee dive in towards your midline.

4.Be sure your knee doesn't go past your toes. 

See the video below to see how this exercise is performed.  The video below shows a modified split squat variation.

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