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Speed Training


Two Ways to Run Faster

Every soccer player strives for speed. And most spend hours in the gym or on the pitch getting faster through speed drills and weight lifting. But you can't forget about flexibility.

Use This Drill To Improve Speed and Reaction Time For Soccer

Soccer players need to accelerate, make a touch on the ball, and quickly move to another location. Utilize this Bungee Cord Drill to be a quicker athlete with a solid touch.

Choosing A Soccer Fitness Test

Often questions arise about what is the best choice for soccer fitness test. No perfect answer exists and will depend on the level of your team and what your goals are.Several questions must be answered prior to choosing a test or test battery.   

Power Clean

Perform this lift to increase the amount of power you generate on the soccer field.  

The Best Tool For Speed And Acceleration

I believe sled training to be the most important factor in developing speed & acceleration. That is because it is a combination of both running drills and weight room exercises. As I've said in my previous articles during speed month, your ability to generate explosive acceleration in your sprints relies on your ability to generate force from the ground. But what is important is the specific manner in which you do it. 

Hit The Wall For Soccer Speed

If you want to improve your acceleration on the field, perform hip drive series drills on the wall. This is a pretty common drill amongst track athletes, but I sincerely believe that this drill can be very effective for soccer players. The fact of the matter is that in order to develop incredible acceleration on the field, you need to be able to generate enough force from the ground such that it propels you forward. That is why this drill is so important.

Lean Forward To Improve Acceleration For Soccer

Since most sprints on the soccer field are an average of 20 to 25 yards, the soccer player should  focus more on explosion and acceleration. This is why I am a big fan of the lean and run drill. It is a very simple drill, but it is incredibly effective in teaching you how your body should be positioned when you are accelerating to the ball.