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Soccer Training

90STRONG soccer training provides you the latest information you need to improve your soccer fitness, speed, agility, and strength. Get great tips on running drills, soccer exercises, as well as nutrition to help you succeed on the field.


Choosing A Soccer Fitness Test

Often questions arise about what is the best choice for soccer fitness test. No perfect answer exists and will depend on the level of your team and what your goals are.Several questions must be answered prior to choosing a test or test battery.   

Off Season Training – Phase 3 – Intensity Building

This article discusses the 3rd of the 3 Off season phases, Intensity building.  

Gate Runs For Pre Season Fitness

This is a great fitness run to get you ready for preseason. It's a nice variation from linear field sprints as it requires gentle cuts, also making for nice rehab run. Here's how it works: 

Simple to Complex: Building a Program from the Ground Up

When building an athletic performance program, rehab protocol or even a sports practice, there has to be a start and finish. Where does it start? How does it progress? What are the goals? These are only a few questions that need to be answered when establishing proper protocols. 90strong believes in building the athlete first and then fine tuning the athlete. Just like the old adage, you walk before you run.

Intense 8 week Conditioning Program

This program is designed to get you fit over an eight week period. It combines the 3 most important areas of developing a fit soccer player: aerobic, anaerobic and training. It runs on 2 sessions each of interval training, cardio training and playing with one day completely off from fitness during each given week. 

Have 2 Feet But Only 1 On The Soccer Pitch?

Many young soccer players develop their skills with just their right or left foot, but not both.  Very few players are proficient with both feet, and the players that are have more successful soccer careers.  If you only use one foot when playing soccer, you are never going to develop skills in the other foot.  So how do you become proficiently skilled with both feet?

Box Footwork Drills to Increase Foot Speed

This series is designed to improve speed, coordination, and agility. By going through these exercises, the amount of time that your foot spends in contact with the ground will decrease and your speed will increase. Besides using this series for performance enhancement, it may also be used for knee and ankle strengthening when coming back from injury.

Interval Partner Runs For Soccer

Coaches: here is a simple interval fitness run for your team to do around the field that you can manipulate to meet your individual player needs and goals.   

Working Your Core Outside of Practice or the Gym?

A strong core can help prevent injury by providing a good foundation for the rest of your body. One of the most important muscles to activate for the core is the transverse abdominis muscle. Here is a tip that will allow you to keep the transverse abdominis in a neutral spine position (not too slouched and not too arched), even when you are not working out.

Core Series For Soccer Players

Are you doing enough core exercises? Are you doing the right ones? This simple core series will provide you with the necessary pelvic stability to produce a more powerful kick, allow you to ward off defenders and improve your agility on the soccer field. The program can be performed at the practice field, in the gym or at home