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Soccer Training

90STRONG soccer training provides you the latest information you need to improve your soccer fitness, speed, agility, and strength. Get great tips on running drills, soccer exercises, as well as nutrition to help you succeed on the field.


One Leg At A Time

If you're trying to get stronger legs as a soccer player, do it one leg at a time. Chris Phillips, ATC, CSCS, owner of Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Lake Forest, CA  and 90strong writer, utilizes many single leg exercises to challenge his athletes and develop their leg strength.

Runs Using Field Markings – End line Pyramid Runs

A variety of runs that help with conditioning.

Runs Using Field Markings – Penalty Box Outline Runs

1. Starting at the corner flag
2. Sprint along goal to to the edge of the 18
3. Turn up field and spring to corner of the 18

Interval Mild Cut Runs

This is a great run for those that are transitioning from linear runs to cutting runs especially after injury. 

Improve your ball control and footwork with the crossover hurdle drill

Success on the pitch demands players to move in either direction with devastating speed,footwork,and ball control.This holds especially true for forwards who need to evade defenders or explode past them all the while maintaining balance and rigorous control of the ball in order to score goals. Such is the importance of the crossover hurdle drill.

Tree Run Version 1

This is the first in the tree run series.I prefer this run over the shuttle because of the varying distances as well the different angles of cuts as you run around the cones. 

Increase Throw-In Distance Using the TRX

This program is specifically designed to increase your throw-in distance utilizing the TRX system.

Change Up Your Stance During Lifts

Soccer involves a high volume of cuts.On the field, our stance involves our hip position and contact with the ground to be at varying ranges of motion. For example, when defending, we never want our hips square to our opponent similar to a squat position. We want to force him/her one way or another.

Don't Cross Your Legs

Too often, players cross their legs while working on their core. This is counterproductive to the goals of a true core workout which should involve as many hip muscles as possible. 

30/30/30 Bike Fitness Variation using Heart Rate Monitor

Looking to keep yourself fit during a snowy winter break or coming off of injury.Here is a simple but effective bike program designed specifically for soccer players