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Soccer Training

90STRONG soccer training provides you the latest information you need to improve your soccer fitness, speed, agility, and strength. Get great tips on running drills, soccer exercises, as well as nutrition to help you succeed on the field.


RDL's For The Soccer Player

RDL Reaches are a must do for soccer athletes. Why? Because it works on balance, core control, flexibility, hamstring & ankle strengthening; all factors that are essential to being an effective soccer athlete.

Core Exercise For Goalkeepers

This is a great one for goalkeepers. It's simple but very effective in developing some basic core strength. The goal for you here is to be able to use your upper body while keeping your trunk stable. All you need is a strong band for resistance.

Squat Series For Soccer Players

Squats are an integral part of a soccer players strengthening program. The benefits of them range from increased sprint speed and vertical jump, to increase power base to hold off other players.

The Best Tool For Speed And Acceleration

I believe sled training to be the most important factor in developing speed & acceleration. That is because it is a combination of both running drills and weight room exercises. As I've said in my previous articles during speed month, your ability to generate explosive acceleration in your sprints relies on your ability to generate force from the ground. But what is important is the specific manner in which you do it. 

Parachute Sprints to Improve Speed

Adding resistance to your sprint work has been shown to increase acceleration. In theory, training the muscles to work at a higher rate will improve speed when the restistance is removed. There are many ways to add resistance to your sprints. The most common resistance devices are the parachute, sled, bungee cord and weight vest. In this article, we have used the parachute to add resistance.

Hit The Wall For Soccer Speed

If you want to improve your acceleration on the field, perform hip drive series drills on the wall. This is a pretty common drill amongst track athletes, but I sincerely believe that this drill can be very effective for soccer players. The fact of the matter is that in order to develop incredible acceleration on the field, you need to be able to generate enough force from the ground such that it propels you forward. That is why this drill is so important.

Stability Ball Exercises To Improve Soccer Fitness And Speed

Improving strength has shown to improve speed in many studies. Strengthening the glutes, hamstrings, quads and core musculature will improve both acceleration and top end speed. The following group of exercises target these areas and are all performed with a stability ball.

Knee Drive For Acceleration In Soccer

The knee drive is a great drill for speed and acceleration. It focuses on knee and hip action. All you need is a 4 inch jump box . Standing with a split stance with your center of gravity slightly ahead of your front foot, perform this exercise by driving your knee up to hip height and back to the starting position. 


Running Mechanics For Soccer Speed

Before you can increase your speed & acceleration on the field, you must first have the running mechanics to do so. The fact of the matter is that many soccer athletes, by nature and skill, already run faster and have better foot mechanics than most other athletes. But many of them fail to further enhance their running speed and get to that next level because they don't have a full grasp of running fundamentals.

Lean Forward To Improve Acceleration For Soccer

Since most sprints on the soccer field are an average of 20 to 25 yards, the soccer player should  focus more on explosion and acceleration. This is why I am a big fan of the lean and run drill. It is a very simple drill, but it is incredibly effective in teaching you how your body should be positioned when you are accelerating to the ball.