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Interview With Professional Soccer Player Tiffany Weimer

Tiffany Weimer is a professional soccer player for the 2013 NWSL Champions Portland Thorns.She is also the editor in chief  for Our Game Magazine, a print and online publication dedicated to promoting women's soccer through various topics including training, nutrtition, and health. In this interview, Tiffany briefly discussed her experience as a professional athlete.

Achieving Success in College Recruiting – a “How To” Series of Articles- Recruiting “How To” Guide Sheet #4 – SELECTION OF COLLEGES

In our “How To” Guide Sheet #3, we discussed the process of identifying your priorities for college. This involved a determination of the relative importance, to YOU, of soccer versus academics, financial aid, enrollment size, urban/rural setting, and geographical location within the United States, as well as other factors that may be important to you. Now, after putting these attributes into a priority order of importance, you are ready to start to identify a group of colleges that have one or more of the attributes that you have designated as important or necessary for you to have a successful college experience. First and foremost, you need to . . .

What Youth Soccer is all About

I have worked with young players all the way to some of the best to play the game in both soccer and ice hockey and have seen the pressure placed on kids at a young age to win. Athletes progress in different patterns with some excelling early on and some who are late bloomers. I feel that athletes should work hard to obtain their goals and reach for the stars, but need to keep the big picture in sight.

Tournament Guidelines for Success

Tournament play can take a major toll on an athlete’s body. By utilizing the following guidelines for recovery between games, players will improve performance during these grueling tournaments. It will also ensure that they are ready to compete at their very best.