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Shoulder Series for Goalkeepers- Unstable Push-Ups For Landing Control

Get your upper body on an unstable surface and engage your core control to simulate the horizontal position before you hit the ground.  The exercises in this video take you from a beginner motion of holding your push-up position to a fully dynamic chest drop.  These exercises train your upper body to maintain an in-line stable position while your hands, arms and shoulders are moving underneath your body.  This is a great series for goalkeepers who are constantly diving on the ground and landing in awkward positions.  Being able to control your body upon landing helps reduce injury to your shoulders, trunk and back.

It is best to do this exercise with a fully inflated stability ball.  Check the ball for any weak spots before doing a chest drop.  Some balls are not designed to take repeated bounces on the ball.  The video sequence for the push-up series  is listed below:

Push-up position on knees

Push-up position on feet

Push-up position with one foot on the ground

Push-ups on the ball

Chest drop holding the ball

Chest drop with hand release

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