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Shoulder Series for Goalkeepers- Activating Stability For One Hand

Shoulder stability on one hand is trained by doing stability ball walk-outs or the inchworm exercise.  These exercises require the upper body to move and walk along the ground to force one hand to bear the weight of the body and your back rotators to engage for stability.  Good core strength and stability is demonstrated when the hips stay level when walking out or back on the ball. 

Try to do these moves slowly to engage all trunk systems.  To effectively do a push-up with one foot in the air the abdominal, hip flexor and quad muscles must be engaged to maintain balance on the ball.  If you don’t have a ball available you can do these exercises on a chair or bleacher.  Try to do five repetitions of walk-outs with a push-up move in a sequence.

The video sequence for the stability ball walk outs is listed below:

Ball walk-out

Push-up with shins on the ball

Push-up with feet on the ball

Push-up with one foot on the ball

Push-up with a hip opener, hip rotation

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