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Runs Using Field Markings – Penalty Box Outline Runs

1. Starting at the corner flag
2. Sprint along goal to to the edge of the 18
3. Turn up field and spring to corner of the 18
4.Following the 18 run to other corner of the 18 and along the line of the D.
5. At the corner of 18 turn towards and sprint to goal line
6. At goal line turn and sprint to corner flag
7. This approximately 110 yards depending on the width of your field and should take no more than 20-24s second depend out your fitness. 
8. Run on 1 min cycles.  So if you take 22 seconds to complete sprint, you get 38 seconds recovery time
9. Start at 20 reps, goal is to build to 30+

Variation: Go back and forth sprinting 30 seconds/jogging 30 seconds.  This is done regardless of where along the pathway you are.  If you make it around the penalty box to the opposite corner flag in 24 seconds then you have 6 seconds of sprint time left.  Turn around and keep sprinting for 6 seconds followed by a recovery jog for 30 seconds around the penalty box.   As soon as the 30 seconds is up, begin sprinting again and repeat.   Do this for 20-30+minutes.

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