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Roll Your Arches To Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of those chronic injuries that soccer athletes are easily susceptible to. It involves your plantar fascia, which is that form of thick connective tissue that originates from your heel and spreads out to the metatarsals of your feet. The main purpose of the plantar fascia is to provide support for your arches. Athletes that have low arches or engage in physical activity that involve a lot of pounding of the feet can easily get plantar fasciitis. The connective tissue becomes inflamed and it causes a tremendous amount of heel pain, which can easily hinder your ability to run, change direction, or kick on the field.

Plantar fasciitis can significantly hinder your soccer performance if you do not take the proper measures to treat it. That is why it is crucial to include some methods of prevention so you can continue to perform on the field without any restrictions. Rolling your arches consistently is a great way to prevent plantar fasciitis. It stretches your plantar fascia and helps maintain the flexibility of your foot. You should do this after every workout or training session. All you need is a tennis ball or something firmer if you want to apply more pressure. See the image below.

Please remember that there is no substitute for seeking proper medical if you have any medical concerns. 

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