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Rice Bucket Strengthening

What if I were to tell you that for a one time cost under $10 and five minutes a day, there was something that you can do to improve your ability to handle a shot and prevent hand and finger injuries?   Commonly used by baseball pitchers and football lineman, the rice bucket is an excellent strengthening tool for goalkeepers.   It will strengthen the forearm muscles and the intrinsic hand muscles.  Both muscle groups are extremely important for absorbing the impact of a shot and catching a ball.

It’s very simple to make.  Find a big bucket, a 5 gallon paint bucket works great.   Add a few large bags of rice and now you are ready to dig in. 

Sample exercises that you can do.  Start with 30 seconds each at a medium speed.  From there you can increase both speed and duration.  The deeper you bury your hands the more resistance you will get.

Wrist Flexion and Extension: Moving your wrist forward and backwards like you are waving. Start with a fist, then move to an open hand.

Wrist Ulnar and Radial Deviation: Moving your wrist side to side like you would with a hammer.   Start with a fist, then move to an open hand.

Finger Flexion: Grab the sand repeatedly. Dig deeper you perform the exercise.

Finger Extension: Spread your fingers. Dig deeper you perform the exercise.

Forearm Twists:  Put your hand in the rice and twist the arm back and form.  Start with a fist, then move to an open hand for more resistance.


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