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Quick fixes while you're on the road

If your team is travelling on the road, chances are you and your teammates may have some bumps and bruises that may need to be taken care of. And you probably won't be able to access the best medical equipment right away. So here are a couple of quick fixes you can use to treat your soccer injuries while you're on the road.

Quick fix 1: Are you having difficulty with recurrent blisters and looking for a way to prevent them? 

The solution is duct tape.You can use it on your heel or around your big toe.The tape is resistant to sweat and minimizes friction.

Quick fix 2: Do you have plantar fasciitis and it hurts the first few steps in the morning?

Keep a golf ball by your bed. Before you take those first few steps, roll the golf ball between your arch and the floor. This will make those steps a little less painful.

Quick fix 3: Looking for a way to help your legs recover quicker on a trip?

In your hotel room, take a couple of pillows and put them between the mattress and box spring at the foot of the bed. This will slightly elevate the legs above the heart and allow for the lymphatic system to drain.

Quick fix 4: Do you have issues with tight calves and/or plantar fascia?

A quick way to expedite healing is to sleep face down with you feet hanging off the bed. This will keep both the calves and the plantar fascia in a stretched position.

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