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Prevent Soccer Injuries In A Fun Way

Let's face it. As important as injury prevention is, it can be downright boring. But it doesn't always have to be if you have a teammate to work with. Whenever you get a chance, work on injury prevention together with a teammate or as a group. It keeps your energy level high and maintains your focus. Some great injury prevention exercises involve push up plank variations. It's a good way to keep you and your teammates mentally engaged while you focus on strengthening your core. Here are some easy suggestions:

Partner up and get into a push up plank position. While in this position pass a medicine ball back and forth while each of you try to maintain your core.

Another method you can do is to place a mini band, and place it around your knees while you are in the same push up plank position. But instead of passing a medicine ball around, you proceed to slap hands with your teammate as fast a possible while each of you maintain your plank position. See the video below to see how this is performed.

As you will see from the video, these aren't  fancy moves. But they are great for strengthening your core. And it doesn't matter what position you play on the soccer field, a strong core means greater success and less injury. Give it a try!

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