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Preparing for an emergency with a map of locations is crucial to saving time and peace of mind

Have you come across the situation where an athlete is injured or you are at an away game and your son or daughter is injured and the first question is… “where is the nearest hospital?”. Sometimes this question comes frantically due to the seriousness of the injury. The importance of being prepared for these situations allows follow-up care to happen smoothly.

Perhaps you have a team parent who can create an emergency list for your current area. Most soccer teams that travel to other counties or states for tournaments may not be familiar with the area. Plan ahead and create a list for these new locations. Before you know it, you will have a great reference document for yourself, parents, players and the visiting teams.

With the internet, downloads and Google maps make it easy to create a hospital map guide. If you type in “hospitals of ___ county” the hospitals and information will be marked on the map. You can print this map and keep it for your reference or send the email link.

I prefer to create my own map of hospitals, urgent care, team physicians and the pharmacy locations, including a 24 hour store. When putting a map together, I like to list the business, phone number, hours, website, insurance info, type of services and any other pertinent information. This map can be saved in your personal account for your private use or as a public document. You can also email the link to somebody and they can see your map. I feel it’s important to have a paper copy of documents should a phone or other media device not work.   

I keep extra copies of the hospital maps with directions from our usual game location. Often we have games against teams who are not familiar with the area. Being able to give them concrete directions helps put them at ease. Being prepared for an emergency or doctor visit will save you time if it happens.

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