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Power Clean

Step 1

  • Stand shoulder width apart behind the bar with heels on the ground. 

Step 2

  • Grab bar with hands slightly wider than shoulder width.

Step 3

  • Grip the bar with closed hands and thumbs wrapped around the bar (pronated grip).

Step 4

  • Take a breath in and on the exhale begin the clean.

Step 5

  • In one motion, explode out of  the deadlift position by extending the knees, the hips, plantar flexing your calf muscles, and shruging your shoulders for optimal vertical displacement of the bar.

Step 6

  • Once the bar has risen above your belly button, catch the bar in a front squat with high elbows and the bar resting on the your clavicles with your fingertips keeping the weight back.

Technique advice: Keep the bar as close to your body as possible when executing this power lift.  Also, keep your head looking forward, shoulder blades retracted towards midline, and your spine in a neutral position.  

Lifting for Power:  High weight with low repetitions.  One to two repetitions and three to five sets with five minutes of rest between each set.  It's important for beginners to use light weights to dial in form before advancing to weight required for power.  If you have never had experience with performing Olympic lifts such as this one, you should consult a strength and conditioning coach to maximize your power output and prevent injury. 


This post was submitted by Cody Mansfield and David Beltramo.


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