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Performance Enhancing and Injury Preventing Hamstring Exercises

Incorporate a dynamic warm up into your routine like the one recommended by FIFA:

This warm up is used by Barcelona and other professional teams around the world.  It has significantly decreased the number of injuries that occur during games and training sessions.  In addition to incorporating a dynamic warm up in your training sessions, consider including this single leg deadlift exercise.  This exercise will strengthen the muscles on the back of your legs including your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and the adductor magnus.  This a great exercise to maintain core stability during movement and improve your balance.   Additionally, it will increase the flexibility of your hamstrings.


Common mistakes made by athletes:

  • -Hips roll outward to achieve desired motion
  • -Spine is not held in neutral
  • -Knee collapses towards midline
  • -Straight line from torso to leg is not maintianed

Good cues for coaches to use:

  • -"Bring your leg backwards" 
  • -"Become flat like a table"

In the video I demonstrated one single leg deadlift.  Start with three sets of five repetitions.  Once your form is perfect with three sets of five, increase the amount of repetitions to ten.  After that has become easy, you can make the exercise more difficulty by holding a kettlebell or dumbbell in the hand opposite of the stabilizing leg.  


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