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Overhead Bar Walk For Goalkeeper Training

Incorporating the overhead bar walk will help improve a goalkeeper's core stability and shoulder strength, which is incredibly important for overall performance. The bar walk  forces you to stabilize your core while you walk with a 45 lb bar over your head. Additionally, it forces you to keep your shoulders stable throughout the entire exercise. Without a stable core or stable shoulders, you are likely to lose your balance with the bar. Here is how to perform the exercise.

1. Using a 45lb bar or a lighter one, clean, jerk, and press the bar over your head. You can also snatch it up over your head if you like.
2. Stand tall and keep your elbows locked staight.
3. Simply walk 10-20 yards out in front of you, then walk back.
4. To add difficulty, make a wider turn around some cones. This will make it more difficult for you to keep the bar stable over your head, which in turn will force your to engage your core and shoulders even more. 
See the video below to see how this exercise is performed. 

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