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Maintain your position against a defender with combo soccer lunges

Maintaining your position against a defender requires shoulder strength, stability and good body mechanics. This lunge move with rotation trains your upper body to maintain contraction while your trunk rotates. Imagine if you are trying to roll off or around a defender as your arm comes around and pushes into them. If your shoulder is weak you will not be able to roll off with power or fend them off from pushing you around.

In this video I demonstrate a lunge with a 22” long loop band around my back and shoulders. This band forces you to maintain your shoulders and hands open against resistance while in different trunk positions. Push your hands forward and shoulders outward to create tension on the band. This motion is in contrast to gripping a medicine ball. Your back postural muscles known as the rhomboids, your posterior deltoids and triceps need to maintain constant contraction for these exercises. You will feel your upper body instantly fire while you try to maintain your arm position.

Lunge forward and rotate over the leg that is forward. As you stand upright bring your trunk back to neutral. You can do a forward, backward and lateral lunge move with these bands.

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