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Lunges with long loop bands for tissue mobility and better breathing

In previous articles I’ve written about the importance of rotation with lunges.  Your lunge is a basic move requiring a split stance, knee flexion and hip flexion and extension.  Often we forget about the upper body and the tissue connections with the trunk up through the core and shoulders. A proper lunge allows the back knee to drop to the ground, the front knee stays within 90 degrees of flexion and your trunk maintains postural control. If you lack good tissue mobility through your body, you will have a hard time maintaining an upright position while your trunk crumbles into your hips. This tissue mobility is vital for dynamic explosive movements, better breathing and injury prevention.

In this video I demonstrate a chest opening exercise using a 22” long loop band. This move requires adequate shoulder range of motion, trunk flexibility and tissue mobility from your quad to hand. When your right hand is in the air and your left foot lunges forward you will feel the greatest stretch and mobility with shoulder extension and external rotation. In this same position your left shoulder range of motion comes from adequate internal rotation and flexion. I do these lunges in two sequences with the right hand in the air and the right and left foot lunging forward.

Take note of your posture with these lunges. You should strive to maintain an open chest and full arm extension. If this exercise is difficult it may implicate tight shoulder, chest and stomach muscles, which can inhibit your rib cage from fully expanding when breathing.  

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