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Lunge to Press

The lunge to press exercise is an effective exercise to generate single leg strength and upper body strength. This can be considered a progression from the basic lunge exercise. This exercise can be incorporated into your overall training circuit.

To perform this exercise:

Standing with a dumbell in one hand, lunge forward with the opposite leg. As you perform the lunge, reach forward with the opposite hand, lowering the dumbell just a few inches off the ground. When you lunge back to the starting position, continue the exercise with a single arm press overhead. Repeat the entire movement 10-15 times with each leg for 3 sets.

What's great about this exercise is the variety of progressions you can make. I will discuss these progression in later articles. It's important that you are able to perform this version of the lunge to press first prior to progressing to other variations. See the video below to see how the lunge to press is performed.

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