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The Lateral Walk

The lateral walk is a tried and true method to strengthen your glutes and stabilize your knee. Every soccer athlete should incorporate the lateral walk into their fitness routine or injury prevention routine. It's an effective yet inexpensive way to prevent injury and you can just about do this exercise anywhere. You can get one from Perform Better for a few dollars. Just click on the Perform Better banner on this page. Here are a few pointers when performing this exercise.

1. Keep your feet flat

2. Avoid tilting your body side to side. If you find yourself doing this, you are likely stepping too far out to the side or the band is too strong.

3. Always keep tension on the band when performing the lateral walk.

4. Place the band above your knees instead of your ankles if you find the exercise too difficult to perform.

See the video below to see how this exercise is done. There are two variation to this exercise. One standing tall and the other in a more athletic position. You can use this exercise either as a warm up or as part of your injury prevention routine.


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