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This Hurdle Drill Is Essential For Women Soccer Players To Prevent ACL Injury

ACL injuries are more prevalent than ever. The ACL provides rotational stability to the knee and rotational stability exercises are often ignored in both prevention and rehab protocols. The following is an excerpt from the National Athletic Trainers Association's Public Service Announcement.

Improve Soccer Strength With A Reverse Lunge To Knee Drive

Improved leg strength has been shown to increase speed on the field. This exercise is used to improve strength and stability of the ground based or closed chain leg and the hip flexors of the non-ground based or open chain leg.

To Prevent Injury Try The Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian Split Squat is one of my favorite exercises for a soccer player for many reasons. First, it puts the body in a position of the end range of a stride. Your muscles are strongest at the midrange of a contraction and weakest at the end ranges. By putting the body in this end range position, your strength gains will increase by focusing on the weakest area in the range of motion.

A Great ACL Exercise For Womens Soccer

ACL injuries continue to remain a frustrating concern for young female soccer athletes. Generally speaking, ACL injures are 5 times more likely to occur in women than in men. There are many risk factors involved such as ligament laxity at certain stages of the menstrual cycle, females having wider hips, and other structural differences. You combine these factors with a sport like soccer that is associated with cutting, twisting, and deceleration movements, and you can see why a young female soccer athlete MUST INCLUDE INJURY PREVENTION as part of their training. 

How to perform the lateral lunge

The lateral lunge can be used for a variety of training purposes. Many soccer teams and performance coaches will typically use it as a warm up exercise. It is not typically used as a primary strength building exercise, but if you are just starting out and do not have any strength building equipment, it can be very effective and easily modified to increase resistance.

Single Leg Squats to Improve Strength and Stability

Single leg bench squats are a great way to build strength and stability of the lower extremity. When performed properly, they engage muscles in the hip, thigh and ankle in a dynamic and synergistic fashion. In the game of soccer, an athlete is on one foot more often than two and training the body that way will be more beneficial to the player to become more powerful, quicker and more stable, preventing injuries to the knee and ankle.

How to perform the basic lunge

The objective of the lunge exercise is to increase the overall strength of your hips and legs. Many believe that performing this exercise will only increase the strength of your quadriceps. This is only partially correct. If performed correctly, the basic lunge can effectively strengthen your entire quads, hamstrings, and glutes! Moreover, it will also promote balance and stability of your lower body, which is great for soccer athletes.

Use this Ladder Drill to Improve Stability and Reduce ACL Injuries

By modifying the Ickey Shuffle ladder drill, you can improve your knee stability, reducing the chance of injuring your ACL.