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Jump Rope for Quick Feet, Plyometrics and Change of Direction - 5 part video series

Jumping rope is a quick and easy way to get your heart rate pumping for a general warm-up. You can also use the jump rope to work on your foot coordination, plyometric jumps and change of direction in a rhythmic sequence. Jumping rope requires lower body stability, endurance, strength and confidence from whipping yourself.  If you are returning from an injury, you will want to progress into jumping rope and ensure your have joint stability before trying these advanced moves. It would be best to jump rope in your running shoes vs your soccer cleats to avoid getting your cleat caught in the rope or stuck in the grass. There is no cheating the jump rope because it’s quite obvious when your miss your step!  Use these drills and test yourself for time or number of repetitions.

The first video shows a general warm up with high knees, butt kickers, scissor kicks, jumping jack, heel to toe, criss-cross and double unders.  Warm up your shoulders and lower body joints before doing the advanced moves.


In this quick feet video I demonstrate a scissor kick and then move to one footed hops while the other foot is moving left and right. Think of juggling a soccer ball and keeping your balance on your grounded foot. You can continually hop on one foot or change feet.


In this plyometric video I demonstrate jumping moves with my legs open and close in one jump and one rope revolution. Try these in a traditional jumping jack or a toe poke/heel kick move. Another difficult skill is a speed skater jump keeping your upper body still and your lower body moving side to side off of the outside foot.


In this 4 square video I demonstrate jumping left and right and forward and back over an imaginary cross line.  Try first with both feet and then with one foot. The second sequence is to jump in a diagonal pattern. The key to perform these jumps well is to keep your upper body in the same position while your lower body moves from the hips into different quadrants of the cross.


In the last video I demonstrate how to change your direction. The first side slide move involves stepping off your outside leg during the rope revolution. The next exercise is to hop on one leg and then run forward.

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