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Interval Partner Runs For Soccer

Coaches, here is a simple interval fitness run for your team to do around the field that you can manipulate to meet your individual player needs and goals.

Partner up all your players. One partner goes into Group 1 and the other into Group 2. Everybody starts where the Midfield line and Touch line meet (Point A). Group 1 sprints around the outside of the field towards the opposite side where the Midfield line and Touch line meet (Point B). At the same time Group 2 is jogging across the field to the same point. When a Player from Group 1 meets his Partner in Group 2 on the opposite side then the Partner takes off on his sprint while the Player from group 1 does his recovery jog across the field. They meet again back at the starting point A and now it is the Player from Group 1’s turn to sprint again while the Partner from Group 2’s does his recovery jog.  


1. In order to avoid cheating, use a pinny as a baton. 

2. Use cones or corner flags to mark the course so no corners are cut

3. Its ok if the groups do not stay together. Since all players are not equal in speed, there should be some separation in the group if players are players pushing themselves.

4. Make it a rule that a player on the jog must get across the field before the sprinting player arrives. An ideal situation is they arrive at the same time.

How to divide the team

There are a couple of ways to partner up players

1. Let them pair up and make a race out of it.

2. Partner them up with 2 fastest as a pair, the next 2 fastest as a pair and so on. This allows your top runners to push each other.

3. Partner the fastest player with the slowest. This increases the challenge on the slower players as they will have less time to recover between sprints. 

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