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Injuries and Prevention

Develop an understanding of the most common injuries in soccer and learn what methods you can use to prevent them.


Benefits of a Pool Workout

There are many benefits to incorporating aqua therapy into your training program. From a rehabilitation standpoint, aqua therapy has been shown to reduce stress on the joints and muscles, offers resistance in all direction, and swelling reduction. 

Neck Strengthening For Concussions

Research indicates that neck strengthening can actually prevent concussions.

How Not To Get A Sports Hernia

I frequently have players with six-pack abs that can easily do 100 sit-ups in a minute but fail to stabilize their core and pelvis. Before long, they start to have issues with their hip flexors and groins, often leading to a sports hernia.  

Preventing Shin Splints

Shin splints can go from being annoying to flat out debilitating. Shin splints occur when the muscles, tendons and bone covering (periosteum) become inflamed. The pain is typically on the outside or lateral side of the tibia or shin, but occasionally affects the inside or medial portion as well.

Heat Illness and Outdoor Sports

It's hot out there! And just because you are in shape does not mean you are immune to heat illnesses, especially for high school athletes. According to the CDC, heat illness is the leading cause of death and disability for high school athletes in the US. So it is important to take the heat seriously. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Ice now and heat later

As soccer continues to increase in popularity, so too are the injuries that go with it. Fortunately, specialties in medicine and physical rehabilitation have kept up with the times. However, in spite of the advancements made in sports medicine, the basic question in dealing with injuries such as muscle strains and ligament sprains still arises- should I use ice or heat?

Eccentric Strength Can Help Prevent Patellar Tendonitis

One of the best ways to prevent patellar tendonitis is to make eccentric strengthening a mandatory part of your soccer fitness or injury prevention program. This holds true, especially for younger soccer athletes that are going through their growth spurts and at the same time playing an enormous amount of soccer with very little rest.

Performance Enhancing and Injury Preventing Hamstring Exercises

This warm up is used by Barcelona and other professional teams around the world.  It has significantly decreased the number of injuries that occur during games and training sessions. 

The Lateral Walk

The lateral walk is a tried and true method to strengthen your glutes and stabilize your knee. Every soccer athlete should incorporate the lateral walk into their fitness routine or injury prevention routine.

Utilizing the Foam Roll to Prevent Injury and Improve Performance

Foam rollers have been around for years and can be an integral part of your workout whether you are a pro athlete, high school star or weekend warrior. They can be found in most Athletic Training Rooms, Physical Therapy Clinics, Strength and Conditioning facilities and even your local gym. The rollers are shaped like a cylinder and come in many different lengths, densities and sizes. They are used for soft tissue mobilization or