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Injuries and Prevention

Develop an understanding of the most common injuries in soccer and learn what methods you can use to prevent them.


10 Ways to Address Concussions in Soccer

Here is 10 ideas to address the ever increasing concussion rates in soccer.   

Can Knee Straps Decrease Patellar Tendonitis?

The research seems to indicate so. Studies have emerged supporting the use of patellar tendon knee straps to reduce patellar tendonitis. 

Understanding Osgood Schlatter's Disease

Osgood Schlatter's Disease is one of the most common knee injuries among youth soccer athletes. Although it is rarely surgical, it is often a nagging and at times debilitating pathology with a capacity to sideline a soccer player for quite some time.

Two Great And Simple Leg Exercises

Performing leg strength and stability exercises are key components to improving performance and limiting injuries on the soccer field. In today's busy youth sports world with club and high school practices and games, private training and let's not forget school, time can become a factor.

Quick Injury Prevention Exercise

Use this quick exercise as part of your warm-ups.   Its great for getting your hip rotator and gluteal muscles.  These muscles are important for ACL and groin injury prevention 

Off Season training – Phase 2- Volume Building

I divide my off seasons into 3 phases: Recovery, Volume Building, Intensity Building. This article discuss is the 2nd of the 3 Off season phases, Volume building.  

Off Season Training – Phase 1 – Recovery

I divide my off seasons into 3 phases: Recovery, Volume Building, Intensity Building.  This article discusses the 1st of 3 phases, recovery.

Use This Foam Roller Routine To Help You Recover After Your Soccer Training

Dealing with muscle soreness, and lack of flexibility is commonplace in soccer. Not to mention the chronic issues of patellar tendonitis or IT band issues that often nag and hinder a soccer player’s performance. These are all concerns that every soccer athlete has to deal with. Unfortunately, if unattended, these concerns can easily worsened and negatively impact an athletes soccer career. That is why it is absolutely critical that you have a recovery protocol in your training that includes some form of stretching, and soft tissue work (basically some form of massage).

Ankle Taping Will Not Cure Your Ankle Sprain

Ankle taping will not fix your injury. Often times,athletes, especially young club level athletes will ask, "My ankle hurts. Can you tape it?" They often ask the question as if some piece of overpriced tape cloth will be the end all, be all cure to their ankle problems. However, this just isn't true.

Benefits of a Pool Workout

There are many benefits to incorporating aqua therapy into your training program. From a rehabilitation standpoint, aqua therapy has been shown to reduce stress on the joints and muscles, offers resistance in all direction, and swelling reduction.