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Increase Throw-In Distance Using the TRX

TRX Throw in Program

This program is specifically designed to increase your throw-in distance utilizing the TRX system.
First two exercises are our foundation exercises. Once you have mastered them we are going to combine them together for a great throw in exercise.
1st: TRX elbow extension exercise for Triceps.
Keep your core tight extend at the elbows, contracting the triceps. After you have completed a rep, slowly return to the beginning position.This return(eccentric contraction) is just as important as the initial (concentric) contraction.  

2nd: TRX Pullover for Latissimus Dorsi .

Keep your core tight, start with hands directly overhead. Pull the arms forward so they are even with the shoulder. Again, slowly return to the starting position.   


3rd:Combine the exercises.

Starting with your hands behind your head, extend the triceps, and pull your arms to the front.The motion should be exactly the same as a throw-in.


Advanced variations:

1.   Unlock the hips and knees and assume the pelvic neutral position. Bend knees and hips to 20 degrees, engage abdominal muscles. 

2.   Single Leg.  With your plant leg and hip slight bent, bring the other leg off the ground. By going to a single leg, this will strengthen the obliques and the hip muscles of the plant leg. 


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