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Improve Your Strength For Soccer With The Pullover To Stand

If you want an overall body strength exercise, this one will do the trick. The Pullover to Stand is an advanced exercise that will challenge your entire body. It strengthens your trunk, hips, legs, and it can be great for power if you incoporate a jumping movement with it. But you must have sufficient strength in your core, hips, and legs in order to perform it correctly. But if you do it right, this exercise can dramatically enhance your strength and power gains and really take you to the next level on the field. Here's how to perform it. All you need is a medicine ball. If you don't have one, you can get one by clicking on the Perform Better link on this page. 

1. Lie down on the mat, face up, with your knees bent approximately 90 degrees, and feet flat on the ground.

2. Fully extend your hands over your head while holding a medicine ball.

3. To perform this exercise, pull the medicine ball over your head while flexing your trunk simultaneously.

4. As you flex your trunk, the momentum of the medicine ball will help you move your body forward. 

5. Use this momentum to help you squat to a standing position.

6. Bring your body down back to the ground slowly by bending your hips and knees to slowly decelerate yourself to the ground.

If you want to progress this exercise, you can challenge your balance by performing a single leg raise while standing on one leg. If you want to increase your power, include a jumping component as you stand up. And please keep in mind that this is an advanced exercise. If you notice any excess movement, loss of balance, or inability to squat to a standing position, you should refrain from this exercise.

Watch the video below to see how this exercise is performed.

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