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Improve your ball control and footwork with the crossover hurdle drill

Success on the pitch demands players to move in either direction with devastating speed,footwork,and ball control. This holds especially true for forwards who need to evade defenders or explode past them all the while maintaining balance and rigorous control of the ball in order to score goals. Such is the importance of the crossover hurdle drill. Its purpose is to help players improve footwork and balance while moving quickly from side to side. It also involves plenty of hip rotation, which is meant to mimic the movements a player with the ball will likely use on the pitch.
This drill requires either cones, discs, or mini-hurdles.Here is how to perform the exercise.
1. Set up by straddling the first hurdle.
2. Crossover the middle hurdle with the outside leg and then straddle the third hurdle.
3. Immediately crossover the middle hurdle again and return to the first.
4. Repeat for 15 to 20 seconds for 3 sets while focusing on aggressively rotating your hips as you crossover the hurdle.
See the video to see how this drill is performed.

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