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Hit the Pool for Interval Training

If you have access to a pool, then jump in and get moving! This video series of pool training provides a great alternative to dry land training. If you've been training on turf or running on pavement and your body is sore, then get into the water and decompress your body. The great thing about the water is the amount of resistance. The more you push against the water, the greater the resistance. The first video shows a pair of water running shoes. The second video demonstrates 2 types of interval runs in the pool you can do for time or repetition.

If you are going to hit the pool pretty frequently, you will want to invest in some pool shoes to protect your feet and provide traction on the bottom of the pool. The lane lines and tiles on the bottom of the pool can be very slippery. I am wearing AQx water shoes. They have specialy designed scoops that create a natural running gate when using an aqua jog belt. The scoops also provide hamstring resistance as you kick backward. It's extremely difficult to swim in these shoes, so they should be used for running purposes. 

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