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One Leg At A Time

If you're trying to get stronger legs as a soccer player, do it one leg at a time. Chris Phillips, ATC, CSCS, owner of Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Lake Forest, CA  and 90strong writer, utilizes many single leg exercises to challenge his athletes and develop their leg strength.

Two Great And Simple Leg Exercises

Performing leg strength and stability exercises are key components to improving performance and limiting injuries on the soccer field. In today's busy youth sports world with club and high school practices and games, private training and let's not forget school, time can become a factor.

Quick Injury Prevention Exercise

Use this quick exercise as part of your warm-ups.   Its great for getting your hip rotator and gluteal muscles.  These muscles are important for ACL and groin injury prevention 

Include the RFESS in your soccer fitness

One of the best ways to generate single leg strength is to perform the rear foot elevated split squat (RFESS). It's one we use all the time and is championed by many of the most recognized strength coaches in the industry. 

Performance Enhancing and Injury Preventing Hamstring Exercises

This warm up is used by Barcelona and other professional teams around the world.  It has significantly decreased the number of injuries that occur during games and training sessions. 

The Lateral Walk

The lateral walk is a tried and true method to strengthen your glutes and stabilize your knee. Every soccer athlete should incorporate the lateral walk into their fitness routine or injury prevention routine.

Soccer Hip Stability Exercise For The Plant Leg Non-Kicking Leg

Every time you walk, run, kick, jump, or land, there will be a time where you will be on one leg. Here is an exercise that you can do to strengthen the leg that is on the floor while the other leg is in the air. All you need is a stable surface, a partner, and a band if you want to increase the difficulty of the exercise. This exercise targets the gluteal muscles, which are key for hip and knee stability. The key to this exercise is to keep your pelvis nice and even the whole time.

Lunge to Press

The lunge to press exercise is an effective exercise to generate single leg strength and upper body strength. This can be considered a progression from the basic lunge exercise. This exercise can be incorporated into your overall training circuit.

RDL's For The Soccer Player

RDL Reaches are a must do for soccer athletes. Why? Because it works on balance, core control, flexibility, hamstring & ankle strengthening; all factors that are essential to being an effective soccer athlete.

Multi-direction Band Kick Series

Here is a great exercise series that will strengthen your hips and improve your balance in the ankle, knee, and hip. During the kicks, the plant leg is working on balance. The kicking leg is working on hip strength through the resistance of the band. Through this resistance, an increase in kicking power will occur.