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Goalkeeper Core Exercise

Goalkeepers often get ignored in practice and need some extra work at some point during that time. There are many simple drills that can be performed with a teammate or assistant coach that can help a keeper prepare to make that key save when needed. Keepers need to be explosive, have quick lateral movement and strong core musculature to be able to attack the ball, fend off players and make the save. In this drill, the focus is on the obliques and trunk rotation. The rectus abdominus and hip flexors will also be taxed in this hand eye coordiantion exercise.

The drill begins with the keeper sitting on the ground with the legs extended in front of them and feet in the air. The keeper then leans back a bit engaging the abdominals. A ball will be thrown to the side of the keeper who will rotate the trunk while still leaning back and catch the ball and throw back to the coach. The exercises will be repeated to the opposite side in a controlled manner. Perform 10-20 reps per side for 3-5 sets. Again, the focus should be on the abdominals. To increase the intensity of the exercise, replace the soccer ball with a 4lb or 6lb medicine ball.

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