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Foam Roller Sequence for Your Lower Body

You've probably heard about the foam roller and have seen those big white foam tubes. If you haven't you are missing out on a great tool for self massage. The muscles in the body are covered with connective tissue called fascia. When the fascia gets tight and restrictive it creates tension on the muscle, doesn't allow nutrients to properly flow easily and creates pain. The foam roller helps to stretch the fascia. This video demonstrates an entire lower body sequence.

You can use the foam roller to prepare for practice and increase blood flow and tissue elasticity.  You can also use the foam roller after practice to stretch and cool down. The first time you use it, you may have very tender spots called trigger points or muscular adhesions. Try to keep constant pressure on the point for 10 seconds or until you get 60% reduction in pain. Over time the foam roller will not be as painful and will take less time for you to complete your lower body.

In this video I use a 4" diameter regular density foam roller which is harder and provides more pressure compared to a 6" diameter foam roller.  

The movement sequence for the foam roller for the lower body is:

Hip flexor

Inner thigh


Tensor fascia latea, TFL

Iliotibial band, IT Band 

Gluteus muscles



Anterior tibialis, shin

Foot roller with golf ball

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