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Enhance Core Exercises with a Squeeze Ball

A ton of emphasis has been placed on core training over the last few years. The idea of stabilizing "the core" to allow the extremities to become more stable and powerful has gained attention in the sports performance and medical field recently and has become a hot topic. Stabilizing the pelvic girdle will not only offer a solid base for the extremities to perform, but also reduce injuries to the hip, groin, low back  and abdominal wall as in injuries in a sports hernia. Adding a simple pelvic tilt and ball squeeze to your abdominal training will help activate and strengthen the pelvic floor allowing for a stable base. Begin in a normal sit up position and  flatten your back to the ground performing a posterior pelvoc tilt. Squeeze a medium size ball between your legs to activate the pelvic floor muscles and raise your torso towards the ceiling. Concentrate on raising the body upwards and not curling forward towards your knees. A curling motion of flexing the spine has been shown to increase the incidence of low back injuries. Perform 10-20 repetitions and repeat for three sets. To add some variety, slode the feet forward and repeat the exercise.

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