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Don't get ejected! Keep it professional.

Some rules will undoubtedly be violated during games and practices. And that is just part of the game. But don't make the mistake of getting ejected by displaying poor behavior on the field. Always try to be professional and adhere to the rules of the game. If not, your team might suffer. The following are a few actions that will likely result in a verbal warning or get you kicked off the soccer field because of demonstrating poor behavior:

1. Taking your jersey off to celebrate after you have just scored a goal.

2. Faking an injury

3. Delaying the game

4. Preventing an opponent from gaining possession by holding him/her

5. Wasting too much time celebrating after a goal.

6.Making provacative or inflammtory gestures or signs.

As I said earlier, rule violations are bound to happen but it's important to make sure that you maintain your professionalism on the field at all times. If not, a display of poor behavior can get you and your time into trouble. 



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