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Don't forget to recover after you play

Recovery •Jog the width of the field •At the halfway point increase intensity to an 80% sprint for 4-6 strides •Repeat coming back across the field Regeneration •Foam Roll •Glutes, IT Band, Quads, Groins, Hamstrings, Calves •Active Stretching (5 x 5 second hold) •Cold Tub if possible for 5-10 minutes Replenishment •1 bottle of water or electrolyte drink for every pound lost during game •Protein or Meal Replacement Shake within 30 minutes of end of game •Nutrition bar, fruit or snack within 30 minutes of end of game •Full, well rounded meal as soon as possible. Optimal time when metabolism is still high is 30-60 minutes post exercise. Rest •Aim for 8 hours sleep per night •Attempt to keep sleep patterns consistent •Lack of sleep accumulates, so make up for lost sleep.
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