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Don't Cross Your Legs

Too often, players cross their legs while working on their core.

This is counterproductive to the goals of a true core workout which should involve as many hip muscles as possible. When the legs are crossed the rectus abdominus remains active but the obliques,abductor, and adductors are no longer activated to support the elevated legs. Instead the contralateral quads are left to support the resting leg.

By keeping your legs apart, you allow the hip musculature including the abductors,adductors,gluteals, hip flexors, and obliques to be engaged. This will make the exercise more challenging, but you will get more out of it.  

The activities of kicking, dribbling, trapping are open chained movements that require each leg to work independently from one another, which is extremely important in soccer.By not crossing your legs you will be better preparing yourself for the game.

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