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Core Series For Soccer Players

Are you doing enough core exercises? Are you doing the right ones? This simple core series will provide you with the necessary pelvic stability to produce a more powerful kick, allow you to ward off defenders and improve your agility on the soccer field. The program can be performed at the practice field, in the gym or at home and the only equipment you will  need is a medicine ball or soccer ball. If using a medicine ball, pick a proper weight that will challenge you, but still allows for proper form.

The program is based on six exercises and should be done in order. Start with one set of ten repetitions and increase the reps to 20 or 30. Remember that performing the exercise on each side constitutes one rep. For example, on the Russian Twists, rotating to the right and then the left is one repetition. For the sit up, sit up with one leg extended, and the dying bugs, maintain a flat back pressing the lower back into the ground and not allowing it to arch. With both sit up exercisies, reach straight up towards the sky or ceiling and do not curl forward.

Quick Core Series

  1. sit up
  2. Russian twist
  3. sit up with one leg extended
  4. dying bug
  5. push up rolls
  6. v-ups

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